About the Life Stories Project

Launched November 11, 2011

For years, Genealogy Today has offered a variety of databases, transcriptions and individual documents, each providing different facts about our ancestors. The Life Stories Project developed as a way to bridge together these different sources for individuals.

Think of each web page in this area as a digital file folder, with a convenient summary on top. Sources for the documents that are stitched together will all be listed under the References heading.

One of the key differences between the Life Stories Project and other online biographical collections is that we do NOT include information that has not been substantiated with an original document. Visitors may contribute information to a given timelines, but must do so by providing us with a copy (scan or photocopy) of relevant documents.

There are no requirements for an ancestor to be eligible for inclusion in this project, other that they be deceased, and their dates of birth and death are documented. We will accept requests to add ancestors where these conditions have not been met; however, they will not appear in this area of the web site until the missing data pieces are collected.

The Life Stories Project is not intended to be a "memorial" type service, and we will not accept tribute-oriented materials. You may freely link to any of the timelines posted on this web site, but we ask that you do not copy the information that our researchers have carefully collected (except for your own personal research purposes).

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