Barlow, Joel (1754-1812)

Barlow, Joel, poet and politician, born 24th March 1754 at Redding in Connecticut, studied at Dartmouth and Yale colleges, and served as a military chaplain during the war of independence In 1788 he came to France as agent for a land company; in 1792 published in London a poem entitled The Conspiracy of Kings; and the same year was deputed by the London reformers to proceed to Paris, where he received the rights of French citizenship. He spent some years on the Continent in political, literary, and mercantile pursuits, in which he made a fortune, and served as American consul at Algiers. He returned to America in 1805, and was appointed ambassador to France in 1811. He died, 22d December 1812, near Cracow when oil his way to a conference with Napoleon. His Columbiad (1807), the germ of which was contained in his Vision of Columbus (1787), is an historical review of events from thetime of Columbus to the French Revolution. Otner works are his intemperate Advice to the Privileged Orders (1791-95), and the would-be humorous Poem, Hasty Pudding. See Todd's Life and Letters of Joel Barlow (1886).
1. Chamber's Biographical Dictionary, Philadelphia, 1926, page 69.

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