Browne, Charles Farrar (1834-1867)

Browne, Charles Farrar, 'Artemus Ward,' was born at Waterford, Maine, 26th April 1834. He worked at Boston and elsewhere as a compositor, became a reporter, and in 1858, under the style of 'Artemus Ward, showman,' wrote for the Cleveland Plaindealer a description of an imaginary travelling menagerie. This was followed by letters in which grotesque spelling and an inextricable interweaving of business puffery and moralising served to convey sound sense and shrewd satire. In 1861 'Artemus Ward' entered, the lecture field, and started a panorama, whose artistic wretchedness furnished occasion for countless jokes. In 1864 he was disabled by pulmonary consumption ; but in 1866, having rallied somewhat, he went to London, where he contributed to Punch, and was very popular as ' the genial showman,' exhibiting his panorama at the Egyptian Hall. After a short sojourn in Jersey, he returned to England, to die at Southampton, 6th March 1867. His publications were Artemus Ward, His Book (1862) ; Artemus Ward, His Panorama (1865); Artemus Ward among the Mormons (1866); Artemus Ward in England (1867).
1. Chamber's Biographical Dictionary, Philadelphia, 1926, page 140.

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