Henley, Barclay (b. 1843)

Barclay Henley, of Santa Rosa (son of Thomas J. Henley, who was a Representative in Congress from Indiana, 1842-1849), was born in Clark County, Indiana, March 17, 1843; came to California in 1853; returning to Indiana, was educated at Hanover College ; studied law in San Francisco; was admitted to the bar in 1864; has been District Attorney of Sonoma County ; was a meiflber of the State Assembly ; in 1876 was nominated Presidential Elector on the Democratic ticket; in 1880 was again nominated for the same position and elected; was elected in 1882 to the Forty-eighth Congress, and was re-elected to the Forty-ninth Congress as a Democrat, receiving 16,461 votes against 16,316 votes for Carothers, Republican, arid 321 votes for Bateman, Prohibitionist.
1. U. S. Congressional Directory, Washington, D. C., 1886, page 10.

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