Margaret POW

3 Apr 1808 - ____

  • BIRTH: 3 Apr 1808, Gladsmurir,East Lothian,Scotland
Father: Thomas POW
Mother: Jean BELL

Family 1 : Andrew ANDERSON
  • MARRIAGE: 21 Jun 1834, Gladsmuir,East Lothian,Scotland
  1.  Elizabeth ANDERSON
  2.  Anna ANDERSON
  3.  Helen ANDERSON
  4.  Jean ANDERSON
  5.  John ANDERSON
  6.  Margaret ANDERSON
  7.  Patricia ANDERSON
  8.  Susan ANDERSON
  9.  Thomas ANDERSON

Source Information:
Online Family Trees, Walker.ged [lineage-linked data], New Providence, NJ, USA: Genealogy Today LLC, 1999, Individual I2463.

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