Abbott, Edwin Abbott (b. 1838)

Abbott, Edwin Abbott, D.D., Broad church theologian and Shakespearian scholar, was born in London, 20th Dec. 1838, and from the City of London School passed in 1857 to St John's College, Cambridge. Senior classic and chancellor's medallist (1861), he became a fellow, master at King Edward's School, Birmingham, and at Clifton College, and head-master (1865-89) of the City of London School. His works include the well-known Shakespearian Grammar (1870); Through Nature to Christ (1877); Bacon and Essex (1877); Philochristus (1878) and Onesimus (1882), two anonymous romances of the first age of the church; Francis Bacon (1885); The Kernel and the Husk (1887); Philomythus (1S91); Anglican Career of Newman (1892); Silanus the Christian (1906); and works on N. T. criticism (1900-17).
1. Chamber's Biographical Dictionary, Philadelphia, 1926, page 6.

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