Alexander, Archibald (1772-1851)

Alexander, Archibald, an American divine of Scottish descent, was born in Virginia, 17th April 1772, in 1812 became theological professor at Princeton College, New Jersey, and died there, 22d October 1851. His eldest son, James Waddell Alexander (1804-59), was a Presbyterian minister in Virginia, New Jersey, and at New York ; and afterwards professor in Princeton Theological Seminary. He contributed to the Princeton Review, wrote over thirty children's books, a life of his father, and miscellaneous works. See his Life by Dr Hall (I860). Joseph Addison Alexander, third son (1809-60), graduated at Princeton in 1826, lectured there on Biblical Criticism and Ecclesiastical History, and for the last eight years of his life filled the chair of Biblical and Ecclesiastical History.
1. Chamber's Biographical Dictionary, Philadelphia, 1926, page 22.

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