Andre, John (1751-1780)

Andre, John, British officer, was born in London in 1751 of French-Swiss descent; took over his father's business ; but in 1774 joined the army in Canada, and became aide-de-camp to Sir Henry Clinton, and adjutant-general. When in, 1780 Benedict Arnold (q.v.)obtained the command of West Point, Andre was selected to make the arrangements for its betrayal. Arnold and Andre met on September 20 near Haverstraw on the Hudson; then Andre began his dangerous journey to New York. As he was nearing the British lines he fell into the hands of an armed band of colonials, who delivered him to the American military authorities. The papers found on him proved him a spy ; a military board convened by Washington declared that 'agreeably to the laws and usages of nations he ought to suffer death ;' and Major Andre was hanged at Tappantown, 2d Oct. 1780. In 1821 his remains were deposited in Westminster Abbey. See his Journal (1904), Life by Sargent (1902), and Lossing's Two Spies (1886).
1. Chamber's Biographical Dictionary, Philadelphia, 1926, page 29.

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