Bell, George Joseph (1770-1843)

Bell, George Joseph, lawyer, a brother of Sir Charles, was born at Edinburgh, 26th March 1770, and passed advocate in 1791. Acknowledged a master of commercial jurisprudence and bankruptcy law, he in 1822 was made professor of Scots Law in Edinburgh University, and in 1823 a member of the commission on Scottish judicial proceedings. On the report, drawn up by Bell, was founded the Scottish Judicature Act (1825), prepared by him. Appointed in 1832 a clerk of the Court of Session, he was in 1833 chairman of the Royal Commission to examine into the state of the law ill general. He died 23d Sept. 1843. His chief works are Commentaries on the Lams of Scotland (1810; 7th ed. 1870), and Principles of the Law of Scotland (1829; 10th ed. 1897).
1. Chamber's Biographical Dictionary, Philadelphia, 1926, page 85.

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