Bellay, Joachim du (1525-1560)

Bellay, Joachim du (1525-60), French poet and prose-writer, next to Ronsard the most important member of the famous Pleiade, was born at Lire in Anjou. His Defence et Illustration de la Langue Frangoyse (1549, new ed. by Seche, 1905) marks an epoch in French literature. He went to Rome as secretary to his kinsman, Cardinal du Bellay; but a diplomatic career proved to be uncongenial to him, and he lost the cardinal's favour and fell into difficulties. His poems include a series of sonnets addressed to one Mademoiselle de Viole Regrets, Jeux Rustiques, and Les Antiquites de Rome, translated by Spenser under the title of the Ruins of Rome. A few of his poems—among them his best-known piece, the charming Van-neur were admirably translated by Andrew Lang in Ballads and Lyrics of Old France (1872). His poetical works were edited by H. Chamard (3 vols 1908-12). See slso Pater's Studies in the Renaissance.
1. Chamber's Biographical Dictionary, Philadelphia, 1926, page 86.

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