Breckinridge, Clifton R. (b. 1846)

Clifton R. Breckinridge, of Pine Bluff, was born at Lexington, Kentucky, November 22, 1846; received a common school education; served in the Confederate Army as a private soldier, and at the close of the war was a midshipman on duty below Richmond, Virginia; was a clerk in a commercial house for two years; attended Washington College, now Washington and Lee University, Virginia, three years; became a cotton planter in Arkansas in 1870, and was engaged in planting and in the commission business for thirteen years; was an alderman of his town one term; was elected to the Forty-eighth Congress from the State-at-large, and was re-elected to the Forty-ninth Congress as a Democrat, receiving 14,692 votes against 12,229 votes for Rogers, Republican.
1. U. S. Congressional Directory, Washington, D. C., 1886, page 8.

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