Broome, Frederick Napier (1842-1896)

Broome, Sir Frederick Napier, was born in Canada, 18th November 1842, emigrated to New Zealand in 1857, and in 1864, while on a visit to England, married Lady Barker, the widow of Colonel Sir G. R. Barker, R.A. (1817-61). She, whose maiden name was Mary Ann Stewart, was born m Jamaica, and was the author of Station Life in New Zealand (1869) and nearly a score more works. In 1869 they returned to London ; but in 1875 Broome was appointed Colonial Secretary of Natal, in 1877 of Mauritius, in 1882 Governor of Western Australia, and in 1891 of Trinidad. Knighted in 1877, he died 26th Nov. 1896.
1. Chamber's Biographical Dictionary, Philadelphia, 1926, page 137.

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