Brown, John (1736-1788)

Brown, John, founder of the Brunonian system of medicine, born in 1736, of poor parents, in Bunkle parish, Berwickshire, taught at Duns and in Edinburgh, and after studying medicine became assistant to Professor Cnllen (q.v.). Conceiving himself slighted by Cullen, he commenced giving lectures himself upon a new system of medicine, according to which all diseases are divided into the sthenic, or those depending on an excess of excitement, and the asthenic ; the former to be removed by debilitating medicines, as opium, and the latter by stimulants, such as wine and brandy. His system found strong support in Germany and Italy. In 1779 he took his M.D. at St Andrews, and in 17S0 published Elementa Medicinal (English version, with Life by Dr Beddoes ; 2d ed. 1795). Overwhelmed with debt, in 1786 he removed to London, where he died, 17th October 1788. His works were edited, with a memoir, by his son (3 vols. 1804).
1. Chamber's Biographical Dictionary, Philadelphia, 1926, page 139.

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