Brown, Robert (1773-1858)

Brown, Robert (1773-1858), botanist, son of the Episcopal clergyman at Montrose, was educated at Aberdeen and Edinburgh, and served in a Scottish regiment. In 1798 he visited London, and in 1801 went as naturalist with Captain Flinders to the Australian coasts; in 1805 he brought home nearly four thousand species of plants. Appointed librarian to the Linnean Society, he published the Prodromus Flora Nova; Hollandits (1810). His adoption of Jussieu's natural system led to its general substitution in place of the Linnean method; Humboldt called him ' facile princeps botanicorum.' In 1810 Brown received charge of Banks's library and splendid collections; and when, in 1827, they were transferred to the BritishMuseum, he became botanical keeper there. The Ray Society in 1866-68 reprinted his works, except the Prodromus.
1. Chamber's Biographical Dictionary, Philadelphia, 1926, page 139.

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