Calef, Robert (d. 1720)

CALEF (Robert), a merchant of Boston, was distinguished about the time of the witchcraft delusion by his withstanding the credulity of the times. After the reverend Dr. Cotton Mather had published a work, entitled, the wonders of the invisible world, from which it appears, that he was by no means incredulous with regard to the stories then in circulation, Mr. Calef published a book on the opposite side, entitled, more Wonders of the invisible world, London, 1700. As he censured the proceedings of the courts respecting the witches at a time, When the people of the country in general did not see their error, he gave great offence. But he is thought to be faithful in his narration of facts. He died in 1720. -- Huichinson, ii. 54 ; Collections hist, sac. iii. 300.
1. William Allen, An Account of the Lives, Characters, and Writings of the Most Eminent Persons in North America from its First Discovery to the Present Time, 1809, page 149.

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