Carrier, Thomas (d. 1735)

CARRIER (Thomas), remarkable for longevity, died at Colchester, Connecticut, May 16, 1735, aged one hundred and nine years. He was born in the west of England and removed thence to Andover, Massachusetts. His wife suffered at Salem in the witchcraft delusion. He had lived at Colchester about twenty years, and was a member of the church in that town. His head in his last years was not bald, nor his hair gray. Not many days before his death he travelled on foot to see a sick man six miles, and the very day before he died he was visiting his neighbors. -- New England weekly journal, June 9, 1735.
1. William Allen, An Account of the Lives, Characters, and Writings of the Most Eminent Persons in North America from its First Discovery to the Present Time, 1809, page 155.

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