Louis, Antony (1723-1792)

LOUIS, Antony, secretary of the academy of surgeons at Paris, and member of that of sciences, became one of the most intelligent anatomists of Europe. He was born at Metz, and died of a dropsy, 20th May, 1792, aged 69. He was a man of great integrity, as well as of extensive knowledge in the medical profession. He wrote a Course of Practical Surgery on Gunshot Wounds, 4to.— Essay on the Nature of the Soul and its Union with the Body, 12mo.—Observations on Electricity, and its Effects on the Animal Economy, 12mo.—Observations on the Effects of the Cancerous Virus, 12mo.—Refutations of Combalusier—-Positiones Anatomico-chirurgise de Capite, 4to.—de Partium Externarum Generatione in Mulieribus, 4to.—Elo-ges de Bassuel, Molaval, & Verdier—Dissertatio de Apoplexia curanda, and other medical works.
1. A General Biographical Dictionary, Comprising a Summary Account of the Most Distinguished Persons of All Ages, Nations and Professions, 1843, page 579.

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