Lovell, James (d. 1814)

LOVELL, James, a schoolmaster in Boston, son of John Lovell, was graduated at Harvard college in 1756, and was for many years a distinguished teacher of the Latin school, associated with his father. In the revolution he was a firm whig, devoted to the cause of liberty. For his patriotic zeal general Gage shut him up in prison; and he was carried as a prisoner by the British troops to Halifax, where he was for a long time kept in close confinement. The father was a tory refugee ; the son a whig prisoner. On his return to Boston, he was elected a member of congress, in which station his services were of great advantage to his country. On the committee of foreign correspondence he was laborious and faithful. Before the establishment of the constitution of Massachusetts 1786, he was the collector of the customs for Boston, and afterwards was naval officer for Boston and Charlestown, in which station he continued till his death. He died 1814, aged 76. He published, oratio in funero Thyntii, 1760.
1. A General Biographical Dictionary, Comprising a Summary Account of the Most Distinguished Persons of All Ages, Nations and Professions, 1843, page 580.

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