Lowth, Robert (1710-1787)

LOWTH, Robert, D.D. a learned prelate, son of William Lowth, born in the Close, Winchester, 8th Dec. 1710. He was educated at Winchester school, and passed to New college, Oxford, where he soon began to display the native powers of his ardent mind. In 1741 he was elected Hebrew professor of poetry, and in that character delivered his admirable lectures, "De Sacra Poesi Hebraeorum," published 4to. afterwards in 8vo. and edited with additions, by Mi-chaelis, in Germany. His great reputation recommended him to the duke of Devonshire, who appointed him tutor to his son, marquis Harrington, and with him he made the tour of Europe. In 1750 he was appointed archdeacon of Winchester by bishop Hoadly. In 1755 he went as chaplain to his pupil, now lord lieutenant of Ireland, and there soon obtained the bishopric of Limerick, which he afterwards exchanged for a prebend of Durham. His " Life of William of Wykeham," appeared in 1758. In 1766 he was'made bishop of St. David's, two months after translated to Oxford, and in 1777 to London. On the death of Cornwallis the primate, 1783, he was offered the archiepiscopal chair, which his infirmities obliged him to decline. His domestic peace had. been deeply wounded 'oy the death of his eldest daughter, in 1768, on whose grave at Cuddesdon, he inscribed those beautiful and pathetic verses, beginning with " Cara, vale," and his other daughter died suddenly, 1783, whiie presiding at his tea table, and in conversation with bishop Newton. This truly venerable prelate, and most amiable man, died 3d Nov. 1787, aged nearly 77. He published besides "Isaiah," translated from the Hebrew, a most masterly performance—an English Grammar, universally esteemed—a Poem on the Genealogy of Christ—some Controversial Papers with Warburton—and Occasional Sermons.—His father's life, for the Biogr. Britan.
1. A General Biographical Dictionary, Comprising a Summary Account of the Most Distinguished Persons of All Ages, Nations and Professions, 1843, page 581.

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