Mosher, Jeremiah (1753-1830)

Gen. Jeremiah Mosher was a native of Roxbury. Born 1753, he served under Arnold in the expedition to Quebec, and was one of the forlorn hope which penetrated to the works in what was called the Lower Town. All his companions were killed or wounded but himself, and, being taken prisoner, he was afterwards released, and served in the American army till the close of the Revolution, and then retired covered with honorable scars. He was wounded at Valley Forge in 1778, and was discharged in 1780. He carried on blacksmithing extensively in Lancaster, and did most of the work for the different stage lines running from Philadelphia through Lancaster to Pittsburgh. He was a man of excellent character and good judgment. He was a member of the Legislature in 1815 and in 1818. He was elected Colonel in 1812, and afterwards Brigadier General. He died March 8, 1830. He was buried with the honors of war, and a horse, upon which his regimentals were placed, was led in the funeral procession.

Brother Mosher was made a Mason in Lodge No. 43 011 January 12, 1791, served as Junior Warden from December, 1792, to June, 1794. and from June to December, 1811. He served as Senior Warden from June, 1794. to December, 1795. from December, 1808, to December, 1809, and from December, 1811, to June, 1812. He was first elected Worshipful Master in December, 1795, serving six months. He was the second time elected Worshipful Master in December, 1809, and served as such until June, 1811.

He was one of the earliest members of Royal Arch Chapter, No. 43, and was the first King of the Chapter.

1. History of Lodge No. 43, F. & A. M. of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, page 335.

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