Payson, Philips (1736-1801)

PAYSON, Philips, D.D. a congregational minister of Massachusetts, was born in Walpole of that state, 18th January, 1736, and graduated at Harvard college, in 1754. He was settled in Chelsea, of his native state, where he remained till his death, which took place January 11, 1801, being sixty-four years of age. He was ordained, October 26, 1757 ; and his subsequent life was characterized by a faithful discharge of the duties of his office. He was much beloved by his people, to whom he ever acted the part of a friend and father. As a scholar, Dr. Payson became eminent; and his publications in the transactions of the American Academy of arts and sciences, are lasting evidence of his learning. He also published an election sermon, 1778 ; a sermon at the ordination of his brother Seth Payson of Rindge, New-Hampshire, 1782 ; and a sermon on the death of Washington, 1800.
1. A General Biographical Dictionary, Comprising a Summary Account of the Most Distinguished Persons of All Ages, Nations and Professions, 1843, page 728.

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