Wheeler, Joseph (b. 1836)

Joseph Wheeler, of Wheeler, was born at Augusta, Georgia, September 10, 1836; graduated in the five-year course at the Military Academy at West Point in 1859; was commissioned in the United States Army as Lieutenant of Dragoons; served in Kansas and New Mexico; resigned in 1861, and was appointed as Lieutenant of Artillery in the Confederate Army; was promoted, and commanded an Infantry brigade at the battle of Shiloh; was soon afterwards again promoted, and appointed to the command of the Army Corps of Cavalry of the Western Army, continuing in that position until the war closed, and engaging in nearly all the active military operations of the Southwest; by joint resolution of the Confederate Congress received the thanks of that body for daring and skill in many engagements, and for the successful defence of the city of Aiken received the thanks of the State of South Carolina; upon the death of General Stuart became the senior Cavalry General of the Confederate Armies, and commanded all the forces, infantry, cavalry, and artillery, in many important engagements; was apppinted Professor of Philosophy in the Louisiana State Seminary in 1866, which office he declined; was counsellor at law and cotton planter until 1880, when he was elected to the Forty-seventh Congress as a Democrat; but his election was contested, and although he claimed that the evidence fixed his legal majority at 2,841, he was on June 3, 1882, deprived of his seat; but was re-elected, receiving 9,842 votes against 5,996; and was elected to the Forty-ninth Congress as a Democrat, receiving 12,912 votes against 11,559 votes for Lionel W. Day, Independent.
1. U. S. Congressional Directory, Washington, D. C., 1886, page 7.

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