Contributing to the Life Stories Project

The Life Stories Project is an open, but carefully managed, project. We welcome user contributions, but reserve the right to exclude information that we are unable to substatiate.

There are no limitations to the number of ancestors you may suggest for inclusion in our collection, and you are welcome to contribute additional information for any ancestor already in the collection.

You do not need to send individual requests to have an ancestor added, simply send us copies of documents that can be used to verify their birth and death dates. As we catalog and verify documents received, we will add ancestors to the collection.

You may submit scanned copies of documents electronically to, or send photocopies via postal mail to Genealogy Today LLC - Dept. LSP, P.O. Box 911, New Providence, N. J. 07974-0911. If the documents already exist online, you may simply send us the links.

All document copies received will become the property of Genealogy Today LLC, and will not be returned. If you have concerns about the usage of the documents submitted, you may state conditions to restrict us from sharing the documents, either online, or via email to other researchers.

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